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Happy Earth Day!

Each day this week I’ll share various conservation-friendly resources. Day one is all about recycling.

Party for the Planet Day One: Recycling

Apr. 22nd | Posted by 0 comments

Happy Earth Day, explorers! To celebrate this great day, I’m using this school week to share ideas about how you can get involved in conservation. Each day I’ll feature activities that encourage you to get outside, create a craft made out of recycled materials and complete a coloring sheet that highlights conservation-friendly habits.

Today is recycling day, so read below to learn how you can get involved. Remember that you can recycle cell phones, ink cartridges, paper, aluminum cans, plastic bottles and cardboard at the Fort Worth Zoo!

Get Outside: Neighborhood Cleanup

Grab some neighbors, friends and family and head out your front door to tidy up around your neighborhood. Much of what you find (paper, cans, bottles, etc.) can probably be recycled, so be careful not to throw any recyclable materials in the trash! Also, be sure to wear some protective gloves to keep your hands clean.

If you want to go the extra mile, expand your cleanup to a local park or playground. The animals and plants that call these habitats home will be very grateful for your help! In addition to removing litter from wildlife habitats, you can also help old things become new again by recycling what you find.

Recycling Activity: Rainbow Trash

You might be able to use some of what you find during your neighborhood clean-up for this colorful craft. Carefully look through some trash and separate what you find into piles according to color. Outline a rainbow on a large sheet of paper and glue on your “trash” to make a colorful piece of art. Click here for detailed instructions.

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Coloring Sheet: Recycling Bird

Click here to download a printable coloring sheet, featuring a bird that knows how important it is to “Recycle more.” Thank you to Earth Day Shirts for all the coloring sheets this week!



Conservation: (noun) the careful use of a natural resource so we can enjoy it now and have enough of it to enjoy in the future
(noun) the natural environment of an organism

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