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The zebra's patterned coat helps the animal camouflage -- how?


Aug. 12th | Posted by 17 comments

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Question: Many animals have pretty patterns – such as spots or stripes – that help them camouflage with their surroundings. The zebra has black and white stripes and lives on grassy plains in Africa. Its main predator is the African lion. In what two ways does the zebra’s striped coat help the animal camouflage?

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    1. Laura Galloway

      Their strips help them blend in with the talk grass (disruptive pattern) and since lions are colorblind it is very effective. Also, zebra’s stripes allow them to blend into the herd making it hard to know if it is one animal or many.
      Landry 1st & 2nd A
      Rhett 3 & 4′s B

    2. Emily Macaw

      They camoflauge because lions are colorblind.
      It also makes it hard to tell which zebra is which in a herd.

    3. Amy Macaw

      It makes the lions confused because of all the different stripes.
      Lions have trouble seeing the zebras because they can’t see color.

    4. Zoe Macaw

      It makes the lions confused because of all the different stripes.
      Lions have trouble seeing the zebras because they can’t see color.

      *Amy’s twin*

    5. Brian Macaw

      Well lions are colorblind so when there is a whole group of zebras, they just look like black and white stripes everywhere.
      The zebras can blend into the grass because lions are colorblind and everything is black and white.

    6. Joshua Macaw

      It’s easier on the zebras cause lions are colorblind so what they see is just a blur.
      It’s easy for zebras to hide in tall grass ’cause of their stripes.

    7. Azalea Macaw

      The lions are colourblind so they can’t see if the zebras are hiding in the grass.
      If the zebras bunch up together then they will have the lions seeing stripes and they can’t tell which zebra is which.

    8. Makena Macaw

      Since zebras have such long stripes, they blend in with the grass because the lions are colorblind.
      When all the zebras are in a herd together, a lion can’t make out a single individual. It just looks like a bunch of stripes.

    9. Meghan Macaw

      They run in a herd and the lion can’t see one zebra in the herd.

      They blend in with the grass because lions can’t see colors.

    10. Tobias Macaw

      Since lions are color blind, when the zebras stick together, all the lions see are stripes.

      The lions can’t see the zebras when they’re in the grass because the lions are colorblind.

    11. Ryan

      Zebra stripes help them blend together in a herd. The lions can’t single a zebra out like that.

      Lions are colorblind so zebras hide in the grass with their stripes.

    12. Cord Macaw

      Lions are colorblind and they can only see black and white so the stripes help the zebras blend in to the grasslands.

      When zebras hide together, it’s hard to see where one begins and another ends.

    13. Kena Macaw

      When zebras are in a big group, and since lions are colorblind, the zebras’ stripes look like one big blob and it’s hard to tell which is which.

      Since they like tall grass, they blend in with their stripes.

    14. Caroline Macaw

      One way is that when the zebras get together in a big group, they look like one big mass of black and white.

      Lions are colorblind so the zebras wavy stripes let them blend in with the grasses.

    15. Evelyn Macaw

      One way is that when they get in a big group, the lion can’t see just one of them.

      Another way is that they can hide in the tall grasses because the stripes help them blend in and the lions are colorblind so it looks like grass.

    16. Rhiannon Macaw

      The lions are colorblind. When zebras get in a group, the lions can’t tell which one is which.

      The colorblind lions can’t see a zebra lying down in the grass.

    17. Lauren Macaw

      Zebra stripes help because lions can’t see in color. This means that the zebras can hide when they’re in a whole group and in the grass.

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