Africa is very large with more than 53 countries, so it is wise you research before you travel. From parks, hotels and lodges and must see places attractions.

Top African Safari Destinations


Kenya is the renowned as the home of safaris owing to its versatile terrain and numerous tourist destinations. A Kenya Safari often starts in Nairobi, the capital of the country. Of special interest is that this metropolis has a national park at the edge of its commercial district. The Great Rift Valley, to the west of Nairobi, is bursting at the seams with national parks, spectacular rivers, and breathtaking terrain. The Rift Valley itself is a spectacle of magnificence in itself since it literally divides the continent as it cuts through the north down to Kenya then to the south in Mozambique. A visit to Mount Kenya, the second tallest peak is Africa is worthwhile since it falls right at the equator yet it has snow on its peaks. The Masai Mara at the north of Kenya is a must-visit park as it is famous for the recently added eighth wonder of the world, the great migration of wildebeest and zebras from Mara to Serengeti. Masai Mara is home to BBC’s Big Cat Diary documentaries. A trip to Kenya is not complete without visit the magical coastal area with areas such as Mombasa, Watamu, Diani and Malindi boasting of exquisite beaches, blue waters, and a diverse corals.


Tanzania partly shares an ecosystem with Kenya at Serengeti National Park where the wildebeest and zebras migrate to from Masai Mara. A Tanzania safari entails visiting Mount Kilimanjaro, the tallest mountain in Africa with its fascinating snow peak surrounded by a halo of clouds. Tanzania boasts of having untamed parks that offer raw adventure to tourists. Among these parks is Selous Game Reserve whose perimeter is crossed with lakes, rivers, and a rich population of wildlife. Tanzania’s coastline is a spectacle of romance, especially Zanzibar Island. Ngorongoro Crater is also an enchanting sight.


Uganda is often referred to as the Banana Republic owing to its various species of bananas that grow freely in the country and make up its staple food. This landlocked country is famous for its giant mountain gorillas that live in the thick rain forest. Uganda is also home to several other species of primates. A trip to Lake Victoria and its beaches is a calming experience while the River Nile and its Murchison Falls are a remarkable sight where one can take part in fishing and water sports. Being landlocked is not a limitation for this country.


Rwanda is a small country in Eastern Africa whose land is impressively marked by several rolling hills that form the majority of its terrain. Rwanda is widely famous for the genocide that took place around 20years ago, but the country has since healed and moved on. The national museum is a must-visit spot that offers more information on the matter. Aside from that, Rwanda is home to an amazing population of mountain gorillas that are easily spotted on the accessible treks. Evidently, Rwanda’s wildlife and lush green vegetation cover overwhelms memories of the past.

Republic of Congo

The Republic of Congo is famous for being the home of diamonds. However, these are not the tourist attractions in the country. Congo has a dense rain forest cover, part of which is the original Congo rain forest. These forests are home to several primate species that roam the lands. This country hosts the largest population of lowland gorillas in the world. Congo’s parks bring a very raw sense of nature as one travels through its forests and swamps that are inhabited by several wildlife species including the elusive sitatunga and bongo.


Mozambique is well known for its spectacular beaches that fall on the impressively long coastline. The Quirimbas Archipelago stretches from the north at the edge of Tanzania to form a chain of 27 beautiful islands with excellent hotels for tourist. The Bazaruto Archipelago to the south has five islands whose waters are perfect for diving and snorkeling. Mozambique’s mainland is a somewhat combination of south and east Africa’s climate and terrain that offer a decent population of wildlife in its various parks.


Botswana prides itself in offering luxury in the midst of adventure with its facilities and services. One of the most common tourist destinations in this country is the Okavango delta. Okavango is the only inland delta in the world. The majestic beauty of this delta includes its palm-fingered islands and flood plains covered with lilies. Okavango attracts a large migrant wildlife population of wildlife from the Kalahari desert during the dry season. Other inland attractions include Chobe and Linyati parks that offer camping experiences and boat rides on Chobe River.


Zambia is among the places in an African safari that are perfect for, but not limited to, avid wildlife watchers. This is because the ultimate wildlife spotting experience in Zambia entails hikes and walks through the rugged terrain. In Zambia, the South and North Luangwa Parks only offer walking safaris since they seek to maintain the untamed beauty of the land. While here, why not visit Kafue, the third largest national park in Africa whose vast lands are quite unexplored. The Lower Zambezi is the most relaxing destination whose diversity in wildlife and activities range from canoeing, boat rides, and fishing. For the ultimate breathtaking experience, visit the Zambezi River at the border and get lost in its raging magnificence. The river and the famous Victoria Falls are a remarkable sight. In addition, one can take a dip in the Devil’s Pool that is at the top of a waterfall’s drop.


Zimbabwe boasts of being home to the famous Zambezi River that is shared among a couple of southern countries. Of higher interest are the Victoria Falls whose jaw dropping waterfalls can be heard from miles away, and viewed from strategic points. Zimbabwe is a hub of spectacular game viewing opportunities in its parks such as Hwange, the seasonal Mana Pools, and Lake Kariba. Unlike Zambia, these parks offer both walking safaris and game drives for the ultimate safari experience.


A safari in Malawi offers the exceptional comfort of blue waters and excitement of richly populated terrain. Lake Malawi is the heart of the country in tourism and domestic terms. It is the third largest lake in Africa with an awe-inspiring beauty. One of the best ways to enjoy the lake is by staying at a lodge by the lake and taking in magical mornings and sunsets painted by fish swimming in the lake. The lake also offers several water sports such as snorkeling, diving, and canoeing. The rest of the country offers a few parks that are perfect for a closely set game watching experience with a myriad of animals including the Big Five.

South Africa

Mandela made South Africa famous but the country’s tourism industry has extended its fame. One of the top and most famous tourist destinations in South Africa is Kruger Park. The park is properly maintained to ensure guests can partake self-drives and view several wildlife species including the big five. The most exciting thing about South Africa is that it offers untamed experiences in the remote parks such as Manyeleti, and somewhat developed experiences near the city such as the Cape Wine lands and Dutch settlements. The long coastline offers a myriad of beaches for the ultimate coastal experience. With that, an amazing sunset painted with the backdrop of the table mountains marks an exciting visit to South Africa.


An African safari in Namibia provides an added twist aside from the usual wildlife and lush green lands. Namibia has an extensive region of dry land including the Kalahari desert whose landscape is extremely intoxicating to tourists. This does not compromise its wildlife population that has amazingly adapted to the harsh conditions. Namibia’s parks have interesting animals such as desert elephant and desert rhino. The amazing waterholes that attract animals in Etosha are a remarkable sight. The must visit spot in Namibia is the Skeleton Coast whose shores, where several seals gather, are washed by the Atlantic Ocean. The extremely tall sand dunes are the crowning glory of this spectacle.


Island people are some of the warmest human beings on this earth and Mauritius is no exception, it must be an effect of the water. The most obvious, yet still exciting, attraction is the beautiful beaches that are part of its two islands and archipelago. Water sporting activities in this country include diving, boat rides, and snorkeling. The coral collection in the waters is stunning. Aside from the beaches’ excitement, the mainland has an interesting feature of wildlife. Casela Park offers guests the opportunity to have one-on-one interaction with the animals including cheetahs, lions, and leopards. This is one of the most photographed moments on the mainland. The bird population has an array of species to behold.


Seychelles is a country off the African mainland with an archipelago of 115 islands in total. As such, this offers tourists several options of islands and beaches to choose from for their stay. 43 of the islands are made of solid granite while the rest are coral atolls with the tallest being the Aldabra Atoll. The islands are lined with beautiful palm trees that form a great contrast against the different hues of blue of the Indian Ocean. Activities in Seychelles include snorkeling, diving, boat rides, and swimming with the several species of fish in the ocean. The mainland has an impressive forest cover that is home to an array of birds, flying foxes, and lizards that can are viewed through nature walks.