Safari Planning

Are you planning to go on an African safari? Looking for information to get started with planning your next trip? In this section, we offer all the information to help you discover the world the way you want. Whether you planning for a business trip or leisurely adventure, we have information to help you get started.

Find ideas on how to organize great trips through selected tour operators. Find information on the best destinations to visit, things to see and do, and if you are looking for a tour, check our lists to get linked with an operator who can organize everything for you.

Plan ahead to have the maximum fun ahead!

African safari holidays – the mere mention of the word conjures before you the vision of sun kissed landscapes, lions taking majestic strides and elephants walking with a heavy hypnotic grace. However, much as you would like to encounter the same scenes that have fascinated the explorers since ages, most of your plans are likely to bite the dust unless you invest time in systematic planning. So here’s how you can go about it to have a whale of a time.

Where to go and when to go?

The destination is purely your choice but given the duration of the trip, the tour operator may want you to divide the time into two to three camps for variety. But, the less you travel, the more time you will have for the actual Safari.

And talking about the time…there is actually no bad time to take a Safari. There will be always a part of Africa that will perfectly meet your needs. For exploring East Africa the best time is from June to September. For the Southern part, plan the trip around May to November.

The next thing in the line of consideration is the type of safari. You should remember that Safaris are costly vacations, but you can customize them according to your personal budget. Then again, according to the type of luxury you want and wilderness you want to experience, there are quite a lot of options for you. There are luxury safaris, mobile safaris, self-drive safaris, etc.

Another concern should be travel insurance. You will be spending quite a lot and staying in a remote location. All these make insurance a must. Make sure your insurance covers emergency care coverage and financial protection.

The last important thing about safari planning is staying healthy. Safaris put quite a lot of stress both mentally and physically. Chances of dehydration are real high.

Safari planning should not be done blindly. The tour operator or travel agent you choose must have a thorough knowledge of Africa. If you don’t want to compromise with the adventure, plan ahead!

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