Mobile Safaris

Safaris come in a number of varieties; and which one you decide to avail depends on a number of factors like your style, preference of comfort and physical exertion. In most cases, vehicle safaris are opted for, but if you are not satisfied viewing wildlife from a 4 x 4 vehicle, and want more exotic methods, then Mobile and Overland safaris are some of the adventurous options you can avail of.

Mobile Safaris use a vehicle to cover a large area or a variety of single places in one single trip. The diversity that this trip offers in between its large distances makes mobile safaris a favorite.

In mobile safaris, the driver himself is the professional guide. Thus you will stop at some good stop-over points and will do some exploration on foot too!

Mobile Safaris offer a high degree of flexibility taking in the full range of accommodation options ranging from temporary fly-camps to luxury lodges but more importantly enable far greater access to areas affected by constantly changing seasonal patterns (as in the Okavango) or game movements (as in the Kalahari and East Africa).

No wonder, the migration in Tanzania’s Serengeti is best viewed on a mobile safari, by using semi-permanent tented camps.

This is a pretty exciting concept, right?

So, what can you expect while on a mobile safari?

Mobile safaris are more or less like the type of expeditions early explorers used to take. With this safari, you can enjoy the advantage of exclusive locations, mostly at a private concession.

If you have a small group of 6 to 12 people, you are most likely to get advantage of this trip. Thus, you can get exclusive and personal attention all the time.

Another advantage is that, in contrast to the constant checking in and out of lodges, on a mobile safari, a traveler gets a sense of continuity and enhanced experience.

The duration of a mobile safari will vary between 6 and 10 nights covering various parks and reserves. Apart from game viewing, a mobile safari offers you other fun activities like walking trails, night drives, boat trips, scenic flights, cultural tours, etc.

Thus, the thrill of a mobile safari lies not only with the destination, but with the experience of the journey!