Walking Safaris

There’s nothing quite like an African safari. A game-drive gives you full view of the wild animals whilst covering a lot of ground. The game drive also allows you to see animals in their natural habitat. For those who are not scared of the wild, then canoeing and walking in the game areas might be your thing.

Walking around the bush in the wilderness is an experience like no other. There’s the thrill and excitement of being in the wild and such can’t be experienced in a safari vehicle. A safari allows you to escape the modern world we live in, whether you’re by a river or in the bush, the excitement is there. Be on the lookout for leopard tracks or worn elephant trails, which are hard to miss.

Safety is very important because accidents do happen. An experienced guide is someone you need to travel with when you choose to walk on your safari. An experienced guide can react quickly in unforeseen situations. Certain things need to be avoided such as approaching a female herd of elephants. A guide also needs to be in control and firm with his decisions.

If he says no to getting closer to the animals, listen to him. He knows what his talking about because his paid to protect you. In addition, guides go through extensive and intense training before qualifying to be guides. They spend hours in the field hence they know better. When booking your safari make sure, you book an experienced guide and operator.