Travel Insurance

At Safari Sam Blog we assist you to obtain Cheap International, medical, health and travel insurance. It is cheaper because our system is entirely paperless, saving you time and money. It is quick and easy to obtain instant cover online which is ideal if you need the cover at the last minute.

Quality and Peace of Mind

Enjoy complete peace of mind knowing that you will be covered when things go wrong. Our online services are designed to provide you immediate access to the best medical assistance, advice and cover for any situation you may face. Wide range of covers that you can customize- Choose from our wide range of covers from Business to leisure. Customize your cover by adding what you require such as extra baggage cover or special cover for activities such as golf.

Maximum medical cover:

Young people should not assume that comprehensive medical cover is only for older persons or those with pre-existing medical conditions such as heart conditions. It is true that there are high chances of old people making medical related claims, yet many cases arise where young people become victims of car accidents on their African vacations. A number of cases have also been recorded where young people fall ill whilst travelling with a condition that has not been diagnosed before such as cancer. In these highly stressful situations, we make sure that neither you nor your family has to worry about medical cover and the financial cost involved. So, go ahead and get maximum medical cover.

High risk countries:

Many African countries, like many remote locations, are considered high risk because there is a high possibility that medical treatment will be required. This risk is attributed to the prevalence of tropical diseases and also the risk of motor vehicle accidents from badly maintained vehicles, poor roads and poor driving practices.

Some of these countries often have inadequate medical facilities and if you fall ill or become the victim of an accident, it is more likely that you will require evacuation to the nearest country where you can receive adequate medical care. Your medical expenses could quickly add up to millions of dollars whether you are visiting a country with high costs of medical care or not.

We therefore advise you to read your policy very carefully, especially relating to the amount of medical cover it offers and purchase as much cover as you can afford. It is advisable to read the exclusions of your policy carefully to make sure you are covered for the activities you intend to take part in while on holiday. The basic rule is that you get what you pay for and therefore, the more medical cover you can afford to buy; the safer it is for you in the event that you need medical treatment.

Why Insurance is a must before you go for a Safari in Africa!!

Those who are planning a safari in Africa should know that any safari activity is potentially hazardous. Add to it the fact that the Third World doesn’t always run as smoothly as you might like and you know that a full travel insurance is a must before you catch a flight to the ‘Dark Continent’!

If it is your first international trip ever, then you should have a precise idea of the different types of travel insurance available.

Insurance: An Introduction

Here’s a simple explanation from Wikipedia:”Travel insurance is insurance that is intended to cover medical expenses, financial default of travel suppliers, and other losses incurred while traveling, either within one’s own country, or internationally. Temporary travel insurance can usually be arranged at the time of the booking of a trip to cover exactly the duration of that trip, or a “multi-trip” policy can cover an unlimited number of trips within a set time frame. Coverage varies, and can be purchased to include higher risk items such as “winter sports”.

Generally, different insurance companies cover risks such as

  • Sickness/ accident during journey
  • Accidental injury/ disablement/ death
  • Funeral expenses abroad.
  • Interruption/ cancellation of trip
  • Evacuation on emergency basis
  • Lost/ stolen/ damaged/ delayed baggage
  • Flight miss owing to airline schedule
  • Travel delay for bad weather

The common clauses that insurance companies don’t cover are:

  • The client has a pre-existing medical condition.
  • War/ acts of terrorism
  • Illness/ injury caused by drug abuse or alcohol.

Make sure that you carry the right, comprehensive medical insurance to cover yourself. And when it comes to choosing an insurance company before you make your trip to Africa, there are certain things that you should keep in mind.

Vital Facts About Travel Insurance For Your Safari To Africa

It is imperative for you to know some key facts regarding travel insurance for your trip to Africa, and basically for any safari trip because if something goes wrong during your trip, you will be well prepared to manage the situation.

  • Unless you have taken an Africa travel insurance policy, many safari operators will not accept your booking.
  • No safari operators will accept your tour booking unless you have opted for an Africa travel insurance policy. Some of the tour operators may offer you one of their own, but it is not mandatory to take theirs. But make sure that you have some type of coverage.
  • Two types of coverage, namely medical coverage and trip curtailment are important for African safari. So make sure that you get them both.
  • No medical help providers in Africa accept payment from insurance company. Hence, for emergency situations, you should make arrangements for ready access to cash by wire transfer or credit card.
  • Many Africa travel insurance companies instruct their clients to get authorization from them before any emergency medical evacuation. However, since some of the safari lodges and camps are remotely located, it may not always be possible to use a telephone and have the authorization beforehand. So check that the company you choose has this clause. You should also know what you can do if such a situation arises.

Also, before you choose an insurance company, keep certain things in mind.

How To Choose An Insurance Company

The following tips will help you to choose the right insurance company for your needs.

  • Make certain that the insurance company provides a comprehensive policy. It should contain specific details including treatment services, trip interruption, medical expense and the like.
  • Check if the insurance company you are choosing covers the activities that you are considering during your safari such as quad biking, sky diving and trekking.
  • If you make a claim for theft and the like, don’t forget to keep the police report as well as the case number for future reference. Also, keep a copy of the Travel Insurance Policy while you are out.

Once you are equipped with the right insurance policy, nothing is going to hinder you from enjoying you vacation to the fullest!!!