The mountain lion is back on the prowl

Did you hear the good news? Mountain lion populations are recovering across the Midwest. Three cheers for conservation! Felis concolor (meaning “cat of one color”)...
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Why Book An All Inclusive African Safari

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Best Movies to Inspire You to Visit Africa

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10 Favorite Sightings On African Safari

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Getting to Know Aldo Leopold

Messages about the health of the Earth’s ecosystems come from many directions – from our friends and family, TV commercials, and even on this...

Endangered Species Day 2013

Happy Endangered Species Day! I’m celebrating on my blog by going through some of my past posts and reminding myself (and you!) about the...


Happy summer, explorers! Today marks day one of Summer Zoo Camp. The Fort Worth Zoo’s summer camp includes nine weeks of exciting themed adventures...
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Best 5 African Countries to Visit for a Safari

Once in awhile a safari is good to go beyond boarder and explore other countries and continents but it all depend on choices and...