Africa is a beautiful continent that once you have visited you will find yourself coming back because you have not explored all the beauty. While planning An African safari, the overall questions would be what is my budget? What kind of experience do I want to have while on a safari otherwise in general an African safari can be cheap or expensive depending on what you want and how to get around, and accommodation. The choice you make will determine the cost of African safari but the experience of meeting wild life mountain Gorillas in in nature, herds and a big population of wild life on a game drive safari in the savannah is unforgettable.

Below we highlight a few factors to determine the cost of your African safari.

Solo Traveler

Traveling solo may save unnecessary expenses and save you spending a fortune. Going solo means you can manage a self-drive or take public means of transport to connect to your destination, you therefore need no experienced guide and can do it by yourself. It’s also easy to get cheap accommodation and can also opt for camping when you carry your camping necessities. The only disadvantaged is that you may miss out on important because of lack of experience to spot them.


This plays a great role in determining the cost of an African safari. Most African countries have good weather, humid, hot and moderate. Dry season attract more travellers and you will find all accommodation facilities fully booked, safari activities like Gorilla tracking in Uganda and Rwanda have no availability. Whereas during the rainy season is associated with low season and few travelers. While planning an African safari to cut cost seasonality need to be considered.


In most African countries there is poor connection of roads that require a 4WD car, however you will also find small charter planes to connect you these remote areas. The choice to fly or drive will determine the cost of your African safari.


Accommodation is in three categories, budget, mid range and luxury. This does not necessarily mean the services are poor but the level of comfort ability differs. The choice you make determines the cost of your African safari.

Tips to Help You Travel for Less

Travel as group

This can be family, friends or work mates, travelling as group help to split and share costs especially transport and accommodation. You can opt to rent hire a van and also share an apartment all group members. This will definitely give a fun filled safari.

Short holiday safaris

Have short safaris but with a memorable experience for example you can do  a 4day safari with major activities like gorilla trekking and a game drive to sport the big five ,predators and other wildlife. Short holidays call for less spending and longer days cost an African safari a fortune.

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