The five biggest mistakes people make when booking a trip to Uganda and how to avoid them. When booking for a Uganda safari, mistakes are bound to be made regardless of whether you are first time traveler or repeat visitor. A successful Uganda safari is achievable but requires adequate planning, time yet the process can be frustrating.

With so much that you will be required to put together for a successful road trip in Uganda, mistakes are likely to be made but these can be avoided. This article brings you a detailed list of the five biggest mistakes people make when booking a trip to Uganda and how you can avoid them.

Booking a trip to Uganda at a wrong time/season

When booking for a trip to Uganda, the 2 seasons-the wet and dry seasons should be put into consideration. Not all seasons are perfect for road trips in Uganda and some holidaymakers have found themselves book trips at a wrong time/season hence ruining their whole experience. You can avoid by having your next road trip to Uganda booked at a right time.

Yes, Uganda is open to all travelers all year-round considering her conducive weather and climatic conditions but it is key to know the best time to travel for your Uganda safaris. Different trip activities are best conducted during a particular time or season of the year. As first time or repeat traveler, the dry season is undeniably the best time to plan or book a trip to Uganda.

The dry season is of no doubt the best time to take a trip to Uganda for Gorilla Trekking, Golden monkey Tracking, Game drive, Chimpanzee Tracking, Mountaineering or hiking and so on. This means that you can have your Uganda holiday tour booked during the dry months of June, July, August to September or December, January to February. Birding trips in Uganda are perfectly done during the rainy/wet months.

Choosing the wrong travel group

Traveling as a group is fun but when you land into a wrong travel group, you may regret taking a trip. You need to be keen when choosing the travel group to go for a holiday in Uganda. A group with similar travel desires/goals, same age bracket or that accommodates/understands everyone is the best to book a trip to Uganda with. Don’t travel with any group just because its members are on a trip. Yes, group safaris in Uganda come with great benefits like cost sharing but you must choose the right travel group to avoid ruining your experience.

Booking a Uganda tour with a wrong tour agent/operator

Booking a Uganda safari with a wrong tour agent or tour operator is undoubtedly one of the biggest mistakes travelers make. Yes, hundreds of tour operators are in Uganda, majority of which offer the same services but not all are worth booking a trip with. Others operate yet not registered. That is why it is important to confirm if the tour operator or agent you plan to book your trip in Uganda with is registered and trustworthy.

The other most important mistake you must avoid is arranging trips by yourself. Use a certified ground tour operator considering the wide knowledge the tour operators have not only on activities/experiences, destinations but also they help find and book accommodation on your behalf before you travel for actual trip in Uganda, arrange a rental car for your road trips to and from the destination etc.

Not taking the best itinerary

The travel itinerary/plan is an ultimate guide for all Uganda safaris and it is what guarantees you a smooth/a well-organized Uganda road trip. When booking a trip to Uganda, the mistake most travelers make is choosing wrong packages/travel plans. You need the best travel plan/package that guarantees you a flexible road trip such that you have opportunity to participate in other experiences or discover several more activities in various destinations.

Avoid packages that restrict your exploration and most preferably, go for long tours say 8 days Uganda safaris, 10 days Uganda tour, 15 days Uganda safari and more to give you room to explore what Uganda has to offer the world. And when considering booking a particular package, make sure that you have been provided with the correct quote.

Leaving behind essentials on their packing list

Before you make up your mind to book a trip to Uganda, it does take time and planning. Part of the process to achieve a complete Uganda tour is packing rightly but most travelers easily forget this significant step. Also, the common mistake among travelers is packing everything yet this isn’t necessary.

Essential items should be considered when packing for a trip in Uganda. If you plan to undertake say Gorilla Trekking in Bwindi, Mgahinga Gorilla National Park or Chimpanzee Tracking adventure in Kibale National Park, the essentials to consider a must-pack include waterproof hiking/walking boots, insect repellent, camera with no flashlight, waterproof backpack, gardening gloves, rain jacket or poncho, first aid kit, long sleeved shirt, sweater, socks etc.

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