Tanzania is of no doubt one of East Africa’s most splendid destinations. It boasts of not only because of her endless savanna plains but also as a big five destination, a magical place to witness the Great wildebeest migration and to enjoy a lifetime honeymoon/beach holiday experience while on self-drive with rental car in Tanzania or driver guided safari. We offer the best self-drive rental cars with rooftop tents all suitable for visitors’ travel plans in Tanzania.

All our self-drive rentals with rooftop tents in Tanzania are affordable and you can choose from the famous Land cruiser rentals, vans, sedans to SUVs. A self-drive tour in Tanzania providers holidaymakers a great chance to discover the country’s spectacular tourist sites at their own pace. With ultimate freedom and flexibility on a road trip, hiring one of our comfortable 4×4 self-drive rental cars with rooftop tents in Tanzania should be a must-do. Here are some of our best self-drive rental cars in Tanzania;

Rooftop Tent Landcruiser

Rooftop Tent Landcruiser is one of the best self-drive cars in Tanzania. It offers the best of Tanzania road trip experience. You can rent 4×4 Landcruiser with rooftop tents, double doors with folded tents accommodating up to 2pax. This is available for hire at affordable rate.

Landcruiser VX with rooftop tents

Rent Landcruiser VX with rooftop tents and enjoy the best of Tanzania’s wilderness areas. This is suitable for family safaris in Tanzania. It comes with adventure camping gear/equipment to ensure you have an ultimate exploration. This is available for renting and accommodates about 4pax.

Landcruiser GX with rooftop tent

Enjoy the best of self-drive in Tanzania only in a comfortable GX Landcruiser with rooftop tent. This comes with a comfortable rooftop tent with a capacity of 2pax.

Toyota Landcruiser

Perfect not only for short-term trips but also for long-term projects, Toyota Landcruiser is one of kind self-drive rental cars to rent in Tanzania. We have the best Landcruiser LX rental car suitable for your Tanzania safaris.

Mini Van

A Mini Van rental on Tanzania safari rewards travelers with ultimate experience. This is available with a capacity range of 7 to 14 seater suitable for long-term car hire. Even if you are interested in airport transfer, Mini Van rental has you covered while on Tanzania tour.

Nissan Patrol rental with rooftop tent

We have the best 4×4 Nissan Patrol cars for hire with rooftop tents all suitable for camping safaris in Tanzania. Our Nissan Patrol rentals come in automatic transmission and tents accommodating about 2pax.

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