Kenya is one of Africa’s best countries for wildlife safaris due to its exceptional and distinct Parks and Reserves plus its political stableness which allow tourists to explore her Parks peacefully and enjoy their safari thus also having a memorable tour in Kenya due to the good security within the country. The following are some of Kenya’s best national Parks and Reserves;

Maasai Mara National Park:

This is definitely the best Park in East Africa due to its large numbers of the present wildlife species in the Park. The Park is also supported by Serengeti National Park in Tanzania of which during July to November some wildlife species move from Serengeti to Maasai Mara National Park thus increasing on the existing high populations of Maasai Mara National Park thus the Park being filled with a lot of wildlife species allowing its tourists to enjoy the views to the high quantity of the species. Some of the traveling species from Serengeti to Maasai Mara include; almost 2 million Wildebeests, over 230,000 Zebras, half a million of Thomson’s gazelles, over 97,000 Topis and elands. These species move in need of pasture searches and then during November they again shift back to Serengeti since they migrate during July to October. During this migration, the park seems to receive a high number of visitors since during that time tourists view a wide range of wildlife species.

The Park resides all Africa’s big five species (Lions, Elephants, Buffaloes, Leopards and Rhinos) which are viewed in large numbers. Other species include; Hippos, Crocodiles, Masai giraffes, Jackals, Cheetahs, Spotted hyenas, Grant’s gazelles, Coke’s hartebeests, Roan antelopes, Bat-eared foxes, lilac-breasted rollers, duikers and many others plus a variety of bird species (over 470 bird species). Despite the fact that it is East Africa’s best Park but it is also among the best Parks in the whole of Africa ideal for African wildlife safaris. The Park is the best for African wildlife safaris and while in Nairobi (Kenya’s capital city) it is a 6 hours drive to reach the Park. Accommodations in the Park include; Mara Serena lodge, Mara expedition camp, Mara bush houses, Mara leisure camp and more.

Amboseli National Park:

It is one of the parks that make Kenya an ideal place for African wildlife safaris since it is the best Park in the world for viewing of the free-ranging elephants while close to them. If you visit Kenya for viewing of a huge quantity of wildlife species in Maasai Mara National Park , it is advisable for you to reach in Amboseli National Park to also enjoy these free-ranging which are viewed in large numbers while moving freely in the Park without being in cages. Besides the free-ranging elephants, the Park also inhabits African bush elephants, Impalas, Cape buffaloes, Grant’s Zebras, East African Lions, Cheetahs, Spotted hyenas, Blue Wildebeests, Masai giraffes. The Park lies in the ecosystem of Kenya-Tanzania border of the Maasai land thus providing an interaction with the Maasai people. Views to the World’s highest free-standing Mountain (Mountain Kilimanjaro) can also be seen while in this Park of which Mountain Kilimanjaro is found in the South neighboring country (Tanzania). Accommodations in the Park include; Kibo safari camp, Ol Tukai safari lodge, Amboseli Serena Safari lodge, Amboseli Sopa lodge, Campi ya Kanzu, Tortilis Safari camp, Sentrim Amboseli safari lodge, Kilima safari camp and many others.

Tsavo National Park:

The Park is one of Kenya’s oldest and largest situated in a town called ‘’Voi’’ in Taita-Taveta county and it is named depending on its inhabited River, River Tsavo however the Park has two sections being bisected by the A109 road and a railway. Some of the major attractions in the Park include; Mudanda rock which provides excellent game viewing of elephants and other wildlife which usually go at the water catchment for drinking some water, Yatta plateau is another attractive thing in the Park ecause it is the world’s longest lava flow which runs along the western boundary of the Park above River Athi, Lugard falls are also very attractive where tourists in the Park will view series of white water rapids on the Galana River, Aruba dam is also very awesome in the Park since it attracts many wildlife species and bird species. Since the Park is one of the world’s largest, it boosts a huge quantity of wildlife species such as almost 700 Tsavo lions, Aardwolf, Bush baby, Cape buffalo, Caracal, African wild cat, Bat, yellow baboon, bush buck, Cheetahs, giraffes, African hare, jackals, leopard, black rhinos, African hunting dog, mongooses, squirrels, hartebeests, black-faced Vervet monkeys, Sykes’ monkeys, duikers, giraffes, genets, lesser kudu, Impalas, over 500 bird species and many more. Accommodations in the Park include; Voi wildlife lodge, Satao rock safari camp, Satao tented camp, Galdessa camp, Ashnil Aruba safari lodge, Voi safari lodge, Red elephant safari lodge, Sagala safari lodge, Kilalinda safari lodgeNgutuni safari lodge and many more.

Samburu National Reserve:

There is a wide variety of animal and bird life seen in Samburu National Reserve. Several large game species common to Kenya’s northern plains can be found in abundance here including; the East African lions, Cheetahs and leopards can be found here as well as elephants, Cape buffalo and Hippopotamus.

Other mammals frequently seen in the park include olive baboon, warthogs, Grant’s gazelle, Kirk’s dik-dik, impala and water buck.

There are over 350 species of bird which include; grey-headed kingfisher, sun birds, bee-eaters, Marabou stork, tawny eagle, Verreaux’s eagle, bateleur, vulturine guinea fowl, yellow-necked spur fowl, lilac-breasted roller, secretary bird, superb starling, northern red-billed hornbill, yellow-billed horn bill and various vultures including the palm-nut vulture. The Ewaso Ng’iro river contains large numbers of crocodile basks.

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