Have you ever thought of tracking mountain gorillas in the Odzala National Forest home to gorillas and many other wildlife species like forest elephants and flocks of parrots among others? Mountain gorillas are regarded as endangered and only found in few countries in the world, many travelers give DRC a third priority when it comes to gorilla tracking adventure, this is due to political insecurity which mounted the country, however this is now just history.

The country is safe and these species can be tracked safely in their natural habitat. The Democratic Republic of Congo is one of the three countries in the world that house these rare species the other two are Rwanda and Uganda so a visit to DRC for gorilla tracking safaris is never a regret as these species can be seen clearly in the Odzala National Park, and these giants are one of the leading tourist attraction in Congo. Very many travels leave their beautiful homes and office to come to this African country and spend at least 1-2 days in the forest with these giant apes.

The Democratic republic of Congo houses a very big number of these apes over 300 individuals live in this park out of out 1000 mountain gorillas that live worldwide. These apes are habituated to human standards and they can be seen safely without any harm caused to human, regards to rangers who monitor them each day, without their work truth the gorillas probably wouldn’t be here at all without tourism. It is the one thing that can guarantee their survival, by making them worth more alive than dead and ounce you book Congo gorilla safaris, chances of seeing these human relative is high over 97% and above.

Congo has about 5 habituated gorilla families ready for tracking each day and only 8 members are only allowed to track in each gorilla family per day. Each group is led by a dominant silverback responsible for any activity taking place in a group including determining where to feed, rest, also responsible for protecting the group with other members like the black back for any attack.

The one perfect hour you are allowed to stay with these giant apes, is regarded as the most emotional, humbling and exciting of your life. The mud and sweat become distant memories as these wild mountain gorillas is a true joy and, if everyone could do it just once, the world would be a better place.

The well-armed ranger guide is readily available to give you relative information on any forest flora and fauna you meet on your way. Utilize this one hour while observing as well as taking photography and in the process of tracking gorilla you will be privileged to meet other primate species like the black and white colobus monkey , baboons, bird species are also superb over 150 species of birds live in this forest. You are reminded to come with tracking gears such as sturdy pair of walking shoes/boots, long sleeved shits or louses, as meeting them involve passing through tough path and also some level of physical fitness is needed.

The trek to see the mountain gorillas can go from 1-8 hours since their wild animals meeting them is unpredictable. Congo gorilla permits cost US$400 per person per tracking including park entry fee and a ranger guide. Though you are required to book in time at least 2-5 months prior to your travel dates, you can also get last minute offers!

Certainly there is no another interesting tourist activity done on earth than a one hour encounter with the endangered mountain gorillas in the wild. For more information about Congo gorilla tracking contact us our team is read to get back to you swiftly.

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