To make your safari dreams come true, whether it’s viewing wildlife, visiting a city, cultural village, beach or mountain climbing, you need to have right travel gadgets.


Keeping your memories as photos or souvenirs is the most important part of your safari. You need to equip yourself with a personal digital camera to take the best photographs. A good idea is that you need to keep your camera safe, from the scratch during long dusty and bumpy drives, so bring fitting camera bags as well. If you were more into photography, you need to deal with movement and the shaking while taking photos, so you’ve got to have strong grip equipment such as tripods.
Tip: Please make sure that you bring the right gadget for a specialized adventure activity for instance while on a gorilla safari, a tourist complained that he was not aware that flash photography was not allowed. Also make sure that you practice on how to use the gadget before taking it on safari.

Smart phone

Going on a safari in some remote African destinations with your smart phone is a great idea. Depending on your interests, smart phones come in range from budget, mid range to high end. For instance iPhones usually have insight cameras that can take better photos or record videos while on a trip. Whether you need to call and talk to your friends, take wildlife pictures or stay on social media, there are a lot of travel apps to keep you active. But if you were into photography with your phone, consider upgrading your phone or bringing the one with a high end camera.

Ipad/ Tablet

I pads can add exciting experience during your trips. For most travelers there are some tasks which cannot perform well using a smart phone such as reading electronic travel guide books, answering emails or writing content. So I pads are better alternatives than carrying heavy books or laptops can take space in your back pack.  They are easy to carry and have enough storage capacity for photos as well as back them up. You can also use social media, email and share the fun with friends and family. Check with your lodge if they provide free access to Wi-Fi.


If you need to improve your safari experience, you need to choose useful accessories that will not just fill up the whole space in your backpack. The ones that we recommend for you here include universal or multi-USB travel adaptors, power strip, charging cord, spare batteries, lenses and memory cards, internet routers. With some of these accessories, you’re better off to what you want. Whether it’s charging multiple devices such as camera, smart phone at the same time, backing up photos or better internet access, they are brilliant gadgets to take on a safari. Be careful just do not misplace or loose or forget one at home or lodge.

Most of the time, when you’re on a long or short excursion, your camera is switched on and ready to shoot, this can drain the battery very fast.  And there’s something to prepare for before you head into the wilderness. Your lens might get spoilt or memory gets full. So you need at least multiple memory cards and batteries to help power your camera all day long. For wildlife viewing safaris, zoon lenses are best to capture birds or animals as they tend to be at a relatively long distance.


Binoculars are essential for bird watching trips but also helpful when the eye cannot clearly see animals in the bush. Often times you have to first identify animals especially birds and then take photos.

GoPro action camcorders  

There’s a variety of GoPro action camcorders with hi-tech capacity for filming, recording and photography. You might need to take one on your safari. Whether you’re planning to go game viewing, mountaineering, bird watching, cycling or rafting, camcorders are designed for a wide range of tourist activities. To give you a hint, make sure to buy a water proof case for your gadget.

Torch or lantern

Torch or lantern is great gadget to have for bush camping and night game drives. You also need one in your lodge room because hydro-electricity can be unreliable. You might even find that some lodges schedule their lighting and will switch off late in the night especially if they use generator. You can choose any lighting gadget as long as it easy to carry and keep.

Power Bank

Smart phones don’t keep battery for long hours especially when you’re on internet. For that reason take a fully powered power bank whenever you’re traveling. As you prepare for your safari, look out for stylish and portable power banks.


Laptops are recommended for travelers on a safari who wish to do more work especially when your smart phone or tablet cannot help. Mac books and windows are highly used travel laptops but getting one will depend on the destination you’re visiting and activities that you wish to do. There’s need to have a laptop though there’s need to be more careful with keeping it safe without getting damaged or stolen.

Sunscreen and sun glasses

The dry or summer seasons has come and time to travel to African on a safari. Don’t forget about there in the wilderness the sun can be scorching and make you uncomfortable. Take sunscreen and wear sun glass especially if you’re conducting trips on a sunny day in open air safari vehicles.

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