It’s hard not to fall for mountain gorilla trekking and its mix of natural beauty on any Africa holiday. The moment with the silver back makes it one of the best wildlife experiences found nowhere other than Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo. Once you have the trekking gate pass-the permit, you free to explore the beautiful primate jungle under the guidance of park rangers after briefing until where the rare jungle creature s are. It’s easy to extend your trip to see gorillas twice or head out for a all-day gorilla habituation tour and watch every move and behavior of their life in the jungle. However, there is a great offer where travelers can track the entire habituated gorilla group as a family without any intruder.

Don’t be put off by gorilla trekking permit prices of Rwanda that was hiked from $750-$1500 yet there are other cheap alternative gorilla permit destinations gorilla permits like Uganda for US$700 and Democratic Republic of Congo for $400.The permit prices do mean that gorilla safaris in Uganda and Congo are cheaper than those for Rwanda though the trekking experience is same. If you are on a tight budget and want to see gorillas, better to book your trip during tourism promotional months of April, May and November where permits cost $450 in Uganda and $200 in Democratic Republic of Congo.

Despite the many exciting tourist adventures in the world, mountain gorilla trekking remains one of the world’s most loved wildlife adventure for every traveler to Africa. In Just 2-3 days, you can enjoy a life changing wildlife encounter in the well conserved nature forests of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, Mgahinga National Park, Virunga National Park and Volcanoes National Park. After a great moment of observation and photography, looking back at memories in your camera confirms much more natural beauty of the jungle full of history and perfect leisure explorations on foot.

Also gorilla trekking in Africa matters a lot in all Africa safaris since it offers a lot beyond to just seeing the primates. There are many appealing culture villages and communities to explore, active volcanoes of Nyiragongo, Bisoke, and Karisimbi ,Lake Bulera and Ruhundo, Ibywachu cultural village, the Batwa, people , waterfalls among others that are explored on foot .Beyond doubt gorilla trekking remains one of the ultimate  wildlife adventure for budget ,midrange and luxury travelers and only found in Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo. If you are after the most charming primate safari in Africa, there is nothing unique and good like tracking gorillas in the wilderness.

Pay by Credit card, Master card, debit card, wire transfer for your upcoming gorilla trekking tour or gorilla permit and enjoy the outstanding experience of the jungle forest. However remember to take enough cash since there are many other amazing tour adventures that interest you during your gorilla tracking vacation in the destination of your choice. If you not sure where to start and book your gorilla tour, send an inquiry to a tour agent or expert who will give you all the necessary information of how you can make it happen. Remember to make right choices of your trip organizer though would very much recommend those that run tours across the East Africa Region. Your budget will definitely determine where you will have your trek from but make you you book your trip a few months in advance since other tourists book a year in advance.

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